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General Paediatrics

Children are precious. And every parent will go out on a limb to protect and nurture their child’s wellbeing. At Fortis Hospitals Bannerghatta, our Paediatric Centre is no different. Our team of paediatricians have the health and growth of every child close to their heart. So parents can rest assured that their precious children are in the best of care and safe hands of our caring doctors.

Right from a newborn to an infant and adolescent, our team of experienced and efficient paediatricians ensures that every child, a priceless gift, is cared for with utmost dedication and delicate care. Every stage of a child’s health and growth is given maximum attention and appropriate treatment where and when required. Whether it’s an emergency, a contagious disease or an infectious ailment, our quick-response multidisciplinary team of doctors rises to the occasion with alacrity.

While our doctors are all skilled in their respective fields of practice, we know that every baby, every growing child and adolescent needs specialized care. This is why our dedicated Paediatrics department comprises all specialists including paediatric surgeons, paediatric cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, paediatric critical care, paediatric orthopaedicians and paediatric endocrinologists to ensure every child gets excellent treatment and care in their caring hands.

Paediatric Cardiology

Some babies are born with congenital heart disease that occurs while in the womb. Right from birth and along every stage of their growth, these little beings need utmost care and monitoring. At Fortis Hospitals Bannerghatta, our paediatric cardiologists are a brilliant team of specialized practitioners who are the dedicated in their pursuit of excellence. Right from the diagnosis of the cardiac deformities in the foetus to its appropriate treatment post birth, as well as the treatment of acquired heart diseases that are present in every growing phase, our skilled paediatric cardiologists harness the latest treatment methods to help children have a strong and healthy heart in adulthood.

Paediatric Cardiac Surgery

There are times when medical treatment of a congenital heart problem is not enough. Some heart conditions in children require the intervention of experienced surgeons to set the heart functions right. And when a heart is as tiny as a walnut, it sure calls for immense experience and precision. This is where our highly skilled and experienced paediatric cardiac surgeons step in with their valuable insights and expertise.

Our paediatric heart surgeons take up every challenging case in the smallest of hearts. Performing complex heart surgeries in newborns is an exhausting feat. At Fortis Hospitals Bannerghatta, our dedicated paediatric heart surgeons are equipped with special skills to surgically mend tiny hearts and restore their normal function to help children lead a healthy and hearty life ahead. They are highly experienced in repairing valve abnormalities, abnormal blood vessels, holes between chambers of the heart, as well as performing heart transplants in children.

Paediatric Surgery

Some children require multiple surgeries right from birth. Given their tiny size, these precious little lives need special care and handling. It takes optimal skilled treatment in the best of hands to set them on the road to recovery. At Fortis Hospitals Bannerghatta, our team of paediatric specialists knows perfectly how to handle tiny hearts. This is why every speciality of paediatric surgery is attributed utmost priority and specialized care. These specialized departments include paediatric nephrological surgery, paediatric cardiothoracic surgery, paediatric neurosurgery, paediatric uro surgery, paediatric orthopaedic surgery, paediatric hepato surgery, paediatric plastic surgery, as well as paediatric onco-surgery.

 Paediatric Critical Care

It is natural for a child to fall seriously ill or have an accident or injury that can cause an emergency situation to arise, endangering the child’s life. This is when parents need the help of a paediatric critical care expert or intensivist. At Fortis Hospitals Bannerghatta, our Paediatric Critical Care Unit is appointed with excellent paediatric intensivists who are specialized in handling and treating emergency cases in children. Whether it’s an asthmatic child with breathing difficulty, a child who has ingested a poison, or a baby with severe pneumonia, in their safe hands, children of all ages requiring emergency attention get that special care and treatment that is so vital in their recovery.

Neonatal Intensive Care

It is indeed heart-tugging to see tiny beings just born into the world, fighting for life. Some of them are born before term and these preemies or premature babies, struggle to stay alive. They either have breathing difficulties or suffer from serious infections such as pneumonia. At Fortis Hospitals Bannerghatta, our talented and highly experienced team of neonatologists helps these precious babies in their battle. Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is equipped with highly advanced incubator units and ventilator devices to help stabilize newborn babies. Round the clock emergency care in able, skilled hands is precisely what babies need and get in abundance at Fortis Hospitals Bannerghatta.

Paediatric Orthopaedics

All parents desire a perfectly formed and healthy baby. However, sometimes, babies are born with congenital conditions that cause abnormalities in the musculoskeletal system, distorting their limbs, hip or spine, etc. These require early treatment in the neonatal stage to prevent further problems in childhood. The aim of skilled paediatric orthopaedicians at Fortis Hospitals Bannerghatta is to give priority to early diagnosis, assessment, and appropriate early treatment in neonates to prevent permanent disabilities in future.

Paediatric Endocrinology

The growth hormones in children determine their progress from childhood to adulthood. Hormonal deficiency or imbalance in the endocrine glands can cause early or late puberty, growth problems, such as short stature, over or under functioning of the pituitary gland, low blood sugar, diabetes, obesity, underactive or overactive thyroid gland, goiter, etc. When a child reaches adolescence, he/she goes through several physical and emotional changes. Hormone deficiencies at this phase can have severe influence on a growing teen causing emotional upheaval in a child’s life. Paediatric endocrinologists at Fortis Hospitals Bannerghatta are the best in their speciality, having a keen eye to spot these deficiencies in children in the early stages, giving them that edge to initiate prompt and effective early treatment. They perfectly understand what the child is going through and are sensitive to the needs. They are able to create the perfect environment to handle these situations with delicate care and concern.

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