Emergency Care Triage

The Nest has set up the Triage – the anytime emergency care center for expecting women. Managed by experienced doctors and nurses, this 24×7 emergency unit is the first place to head to, in times of any pregnancy-related emergency. Our staff is specially trained to stabilize both mother and child in a very precise manner. Triage is an emergency pregnancy unit at The Nest. In the case of emergency situations, a registered nurse gathers as much information as possible and assesses the type of emergency. The assessment involves the following:

  1. Upon arrival at the hospital, the Registered Nurse (RN) documents:
    1. Date/time of arrival
    2. Method of transportation
    3. Information about accompanying person(s)
  2. The RN completes an initial assessment to determine the emergency of the situation by gathering the following information:
    1. Reason for coming to the hospital
    2. Number of previous pregnancies / deliveries
    3. Estimated time of delivery – term / preterm, gestational stage
    4. Presence of contractions – frequency, duration, intensity and resting tone
    5. Bleeding amount (if any)
    6. Foetal movements
    7. Woman’s response to labour – emotional status and pain
    8. Status of membranes – time of rupture, colour, consistency, amount, odour and presence of meconium
    9. Presence of obstetrical / medical concerns like multiple pregnancy, malpresentation, etc
    10. Exposure to infectious diseases
  3. Obstetrical priority of non-urgent, urgent and emergent based on initial triage assessment
    1. At The Nest, our RNs accumulate all the required data to ensure that timely and appropriate care is given to the patients. This information is given to the respective in-house consultants in order to save time and act accordingly based on the urgency for a doctor’s intervention.
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