The Nest Facilities and Infrastructure

At the core of each service at The Nest is the safety of the mother-to-be and the child. The Nest, being a part of Fortis Hospitals, adheres to Joint Commission International (JCI) standards in safety and quality. We offer clinical expertise that is comparable to the best in the world and cutting-edge technology in diagnostics and treatment.

Types of Rooms

  • The Nest offers mothers-to-be a wide range of rooms, from Labour Deliver Recovery Postpartum (LDRP) suites to Private Deluxe rooms, Twin Deluxe rooms, and also Multi-bed facilities.
  • Private Deluxe Rooms have luxurious interiors and offer more privacy. The walls and fine finish give these rooms a warm feel. These rooms are spacious and have ample space for the family to relax in.
  • Twin Deluxe Rooms are available on sharing basis. A screen separates the two occupants of each of these rooms, offering them much-needed privacy. Each room comes with an attached bathroom.
  • Multi-bed Rooms are economical options and have the provision to accommodate 3 patients. Each multi-bed room is spacious, ensuring the occupants are comfortable, and has an attached bathroom.

LDRP Suites

The LDRP suites are a premium offering here. The LDRP suites are a class apart in style and functionality. These suites come with luxurious interiors and the latest equipment and techniques for delivery. Each suite has a theme based on the four seasons of the year. Because a woman is special and this is one of the most precious moments in her life, she can actually choose a room to suit the time of her delivery.

During labour, the mother-to-be is shifted from one room to the other for advanced Labour, delivery and then recovery. It puts her at inconvenience, besides exposing her to the risks of infection and injury.

In LDRP, the mother-to-be is moved to the suite when her labour starts and she continues there throughout. The beds turn into delivery tables when labour progresses, and after delivery, she and the baby continue to stay in the same room. LDRP makes childbirth an exclusive family affair.

The family’s involvement is crucial to make the labour process easy. The suites are designed for the family to experience each phase of birth in a single luxurious and family-centered setting. LDRP also offers individualized care.

The warmth and comfort of a home and the security and safety of a hospital come together to welcome the newborn and reassure the new mother. It goes to make the birth of a baby a truly memorable moment for the entire family.

Lamaze Classes

The Nest encourages medically approved methods, like Lamaze (breathing techniques & exercises for pregnant woman) and yoga to facilitate natural birthing (normal delivery).

The Nest Ante Natal Program

Our ante-natal program is designed to make you feel cared for and safe. It is much beyond a regular doctor’s consultation.

Fetal Medicine Unit

The Nest has a 6-bed NICU and a nursery that is fully equipped to handle all types of emergencies. Experts specially trained in NICU care, manage newborns.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The Nest has a 12-bed NICU and a nursery that is fully equipped to handle all types of emergencies. Experts specially trained in NICU care, manage newborns.

High Risk Pregnancy

Every pregnancy has some risks, but the presence of certain conditions increases the risk manifold. These risks could endanger the life and health of the mother or the baby. We tell you how to cope with such an occurrence.

Natural Birthing (Normal delivery)

The Nest promotes natural birthing. We believe each woman has inherent strengths to deliver her baby naturally, unless a health condition poses risks to her and the baby. Our Woman Care professionals help you prepare for the birth from the second trimester onwards. We encourage you to learn Lamaze and Yoga. The involvement of the spouse in this process is important.

Pain relief during labour

The Nest is one of the few advanced centers in the country to offer epidural anesthesia for painless natural delivery. We have a dedicated and experienced team of medical professionals that assesses each patient and decides the type of pain relief she requires. The pain relief program is highly individualized. Our pain relief team comprises an anesthesiologist (an expert in conducting pain less delivery) and gynaecologists experienced in conducting high risk pregnancies.

Blood Bank

The blood bank is an integral part of any hospital and extends great support and strength to surgical and trauma departments. Sometimes blood transfusion is required during delivery and having a blood bank under the same roof is a big bonus. The Fortis Hospitals blood bank operates round-the-clock and meets the high standards of screening and preservation of samples.

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