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Preconception package

Introducing the Fortis Preconception package.
Starting a family is a tough decision to make. But even before you ensure that you are financially and emotionally prepared to welcome a new addition to your life, you must first find out if you are physically ready to do so. The Fortis Preconception Package offers special services designed to fully prepare you for the beautiful journey of your life.

The packges includes:
Complete blood count with ESR, Fasting Blood Sugar Test (FBS), Blood Grouping and RhFactor, Thyroid-stimulating Hormone Test, Rubella IGG Test, HIV 1 & 2, HBsAg Test, Routine Urinalysis, Pap Smear, Ultrasound Scan (Pelvis), Gynaecologist consultation, Antenatal Counselling and additional consultation with gynaecologist post conception.

Tender Loving Care (TLC) Privilege Package

A healthy baby needs as much Tender Loving Care (TLC) as the right genes. We believe in beginning the TLC process early. The nine months, starting with the second trimester to the first three months after birth, we take care of the mother, and the baby.

Our Room

At The Nest, we have 5 types of rooms for birthing – LDRP,Executive, Private, Twin (2 people sharing) and Multi (3 people sharing). Each room has different costs for delivery.

The Labour Deliver Recovery Postpartum (LDRP) Suites

The LDRP suites are a premium offering. The 13 LDRP suites are a class apart in style and functionality. These suites come with luxurious interiors and the latest equipment and techniques for delivery.

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Executive Suite

Here a mother-to-be has a luxurious private room with an attached bathroom and an attendant’s bed for overnight stays.

Private Deluxe

Here a mother-to-be has a private room with an attached bathroom. There is also an attendant’s bed for overnight stays.

Twin Deluxe

Here 2 mothers-to-be share a room with a common bathroom. There are separate beds for attendants. Thus, attendants can stay overnight with the patients.


Here 3 mothers-to-be share a room with a common bathroom. There is no separate bed for an attendant. Thus, no overnight stay is allowed. After 8pm, attendants must leave the room for the nurses will take care of patients.

Additional Information

If one of the above five categories of rooms are chosen for hospitalization, all of which are on the Level 7, the patient will first be housed in the ‘TRIAGE’ area temporarily. When she is ready for delivery, she will be transferred to the ‘Delivery Room’ or the OT, whichever be the case. After delivery she will stay in the ‘TRIAGE’ temporarily, until she recovers. Finally, she and the baby will be transferred to Level 7 to any of the above room types.

The basic charges included in these packages are as follows:
  • Limited procedural consumables
  • Limited drugs and medicines
  • Limited investigations
  • Operation theatre charges
  • Gynaecologist’s fee including visiting charges
  • Baby’s stay (in mother’s room) and Pediatrician’s visiting charges for package days
  • Physiotherapy
  • Diet/Diet counseling
  • 24-hour nursing care
The following charges will be billed on actual use:
  • Investigations over the limit
  • Consumables over the limit
  • Drugs and medicines over the limit
  • ICU/NICU/Room rent over the limit
  • Blood charges
  • The baby’s bill is separate. It includes phototherapy, medicines, consumables, investigations, ICU charges etc.
  • Labour Analgesia Procedure Charge


  • Triage, Delivery Room and Delivery OT and LDRP Suites are all on situated on the Level 2.
  • Visiting hours will be between 4pm to 7pm.
  • For Appointments, kindly call on 66214444 or 66214260.

First, find out the coverage that your company has for maternity/delivery.

Also find out whether your baby can be covered under your insurance from day one.

Insurance procedures will begin from the time of admission.

  • At the time of admission, you will have to collect the ‘Pre-authorization Form’ from the insurance counter at the Level 1, billing counter.
  • Get the form filled by your doctor or by the Gynaecology Registrar at the Level 2, LDRP nursing station.
  • Once filled, return the form to the Insurance Counter, with your ID proof. The Insurance Counter will then forward the form to the concerned TPA (like TTK, Mediassist, Raksha, etc.) online or by fax.
  • After around 6 hours, there will be a response from the TPA, with the approval amount or denial of the request.
  • If your baby is also covered under insurance, once the baby is born, you need to collect the ‘Pre-authorization Form’ from the insurance counter and get it filled, this time by the Paediatric doctor or Paediatric Registrar at the LDRP nursing station.
  • Give it back to the Insurance Counter, they will then proceed with the work.
General information for the expecting mom

The OPD file that you have used throughout your pregnancy.

In case of insurance coverage, please produce:

  • Your / Your husband’s Insurance ID card / Printout
  • Your own ID proof (like Driving License, Employee ID card, Voter’s ID etc.)
  • Your Husband’s ID proof, if you are claiming through his coverage

Baby clothes and diapers to use after being discharged. As long as you are in the hospital, we provide a baby wrapping cloth, disposable baby diapers and Lactogen feeds if required. But at the time of being discharged, you are advised to have a set of clothes ready for the baby.

A set of clothes for yourself for usage after being discharged. As long as you are in the hospital, we provide a hospital gown, sanitary napkins, your food etc. But at the time of being discharged, you are advised to have a set of clothes ready for yourself.

Your personal toiletries like comfortable inner clothing, comb etc. Hospital will provide you a tooth brush, tooth paste, soap and shampoo.

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