We Really Had a Good Baby Birth Experience

My wife came here for a gynec procedure. The Gynecologist Dr Gayathri D Kamath was awesome. We found her extremely professional with tremendous positivity. She was also humane and very understanding. Her staff Dr Divya and Ms Charitha were very efficient and helpful. We wish the team all the very best. We really had a good baby birth experience as part of Nest Fortis. I really recommend this hospital if you are looking for best maternity experience.   -Naresh (name changed)

As Always With a Smile

I would like to thank Dr. Gayathri Kamath and her entire team for putting me at ease throughout my consultations with her, and in-patient procedure of Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road. All the members have been extremely warm and easy to talk to for any questions. Dr. Divya, Dr. Vansantha, Charita, Hima Bindu, Jayashree, Sister Sheeba, Dr. Syed, Dr. Amitha - to all of them - a big THANK YOU! My friend recommended I meet Dr. Gayathri to address the issues I have been facing with respect to my periods, I am truly glad I consulted with her, I hope the procedure helps me to better deal with the period problem. But I know I can come back incase of any future concerns and that the doctor and her team will help me, as always with a smile." Thank you! ~ Preeta Rajan

We Would Like to Express Our Heartfelt Appreciation

"We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation towards the Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road NICU staff. Our son was born extremely premature at close to 25 weeks and was in NICU for 94 days. We have got our healthy son today because of the diligent and sincere efforts of the NICU staff. The doctors and the nursing staff left no stone unturned to ensure that our baby was well cared for. We have always wondered how the doctors come in everyday completely focused on just doing everything possible for the baby's well being an health. We are extremely satisfied with the dedicated attention and medical caliber of the doctors. They ensured prompt diagnosis and follow up. The nursing staff looked after our son, did it like he was part of their family. We are completely amazed at the persistent way they go about caring for the babies shift after shift. It's not just a job they do, but something they do giving their 100% from their heart. Their soothing and calming words helped us to be so much at peace during the 3 months emotional ride. We would like to express out profound gratitude to Dr. Hariram, Dr. Ashok, Dr. Tejal, Dr. Sridharamurthy, Dr .Aarti, Dr. Venkatesh, Dr. Vineetha, Dr. Lokesh, Dr. Tony, Dr. Fathima, Dr. Shera, Dr. Ajmadi and all the other doctors of NICU. Sr. Preema and her team have been such a boon for us. Sr. Preemas genuine nature is so infectious that it shows in he entire team. We can't thank each and every one of them enough for all of the love and attention shared to our soon. We would like to thank Ms. Hima Bindu for always being there with a smile to help us with all our queries and requests. Given the prematurity of our son, the entire NICU team is absolutely god sent and we will never forget this our entire life." ~ Priya & Deepu

Our journey towards achieving parenthood

Dear Dr Parimala Devi,   We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you and the amazing staff of nest who have helped us in our journey towards achieving parenthood.   This transition hasn't been easy on us considering relocating from the UK in the middle of pregnancy, having the opportunity to be under your guidance eased us from all worries & concerns. You have always been a through professional yet a mother to be around.   We relished every appointment made with you since you made us laugh and comforted us during difficult times. All in all this pregnancy journey will keep you in the memory throughout our lives, in fact your role in our life have made us say, we would encourage our precious daughter to be a doctor to give confidence & enhance the lives of others & be part of your humble profession by god's grace. Thank you for being a big part of our life in such a short time, we will remember you always in any part of the world we reside. Thank you are two small words but they are not enough words to express our gratitude for what you have done for us! You truly are an inspiration.   ~Lakhsmi Sandeep

We would like to thank you, doctor and nursing staff

We would like to thank you, doctor and nursing staff for gifting us out baby Rishain. You have been with us in out toughest hour and always kept us motivating and hopeful. Our delivery experience was very calm & kept our anxiety at bay, The Nest experience was very soothing and professional.   One again thank you for delivering my baby and all the care leading up to the delivery. I have recovered well and appreciate all the advice and tips you gave me beforehand about how to deliver a baby. The class you recommended at Fortis was fantastic and helped me to feel less anxious about the process. I look forward ti seeing you again when I become pregnant again. Thank you, doctor your contribution in my life is nothing short of magical. Thanks for all your support - medical and emotional   Love   Archana & Mohit

My whole family is willing to say a note of thanks

Dear Doctor, My whole family is willing to say a note of thanks for the incredible care you gave during my labor, and delivery on 30th June 2018. I have never met such a team, sincerely interested in their patients well being. You are so incredible at what you do and we are so thankful we found you. It was perhaps the scariest moment in my life when I had my second pregnancy but I could sense I was in very capable hands. You will never know that how much it means to me. Thank you from the depths of my heart. I thank god for you. ~ Dinesh, Poornima & Family

Really good experience with the doctors and team

We had a really good experience with the doctors and team. They took care of me very well. Glad to have such excellent service. This was my very first experience and would definitely recommend to friends. Dr. Anu Sridhar was so patient & accommodating and tried everything possible to make us feel comfortable. She is very personable and made us feel like family. I am very grateful for all the support and care that the team has provided and would highly recommend Dr. Anu for all general OBGYM and birthing needs.   Thank you all so much   ~ Pallavi V

Trying to breastfeed my baby

After 2 months of unsuccessfully trying to breastfeed my baby, I visited Mrs. Joyce Jeyaseelan at the lactation clinic at Fortis.   I travelled for over an hour with my tiny baby and my efforts were not in vain. Mrs. Joyce patiently helped my baby latch on to me with no pain and equipped me with several tips and advise.   My sincere thanks to her and I applaud the initiative of an exclusive lactation clinic.   Regards,   Jennifer Sargunar

I Still Remember the First Meeting with You

Dear Dr. Anita K Mohan “I still remember the first meeting with you, where you instilled courage in me and since then till birth of my baby this journey of my pregnancy was beautiful and enjoyable. Your kind words, encouragement always helped me to increase my confidence. I’ll always remember my labor room experience and can never imagine that I could have delivered normally without your motherly touch and care. I have no words to express my feeling and express my gratitude to you. I just want to say that you’re an angel to me, a gem of a human being. A Big Thank you to the best doctor and a Beautiful women.” - Geetika

Truly a Memorable and Joyful Experience at Fortis Nest

This is business class for healthcare for mothers-to-be and the baby. The entire experience of pregnancy and birthing was reassuring with every visit to Dr. Anu Sridhar. She and her entire team helped and comforted my long labor and delivery. We are grateful to her forever! Special thanks to Dr. Vijayalakshmi, Sister Sylvie, Sister Atulya, our facilitator Hima Bindu. Overall it was truly a memorable and joyful experience at Fortis Nest. Thank you!   -- Srivani Naveen

Thank you for Bringing Aabir into this World

Dear Dr. Anita,   Thank you for bringing Aabir into this world & all the care leading up for the delivery. I am recovering well & appreciate all the advice & tips you gave me beforehand about how to deliver a baby. We are so grateful to have chosen you as our doctor and we couldn't have managed this journey without you.   A "Thank You" wouldn't do justice to what you have done for us.   As this was our first pregnancy, we had many questions and required guidance. After meeting you for the first time we instantly felt the warmth and were assured that we are in safe hands. The care, concern, confidence and optimism shown by you at every step always gave us comfort.   During our visits, you often told us that "Baby is partying inside ", your words always brought a smile on our faces and we now make sure to continue the party outside.We wish you all the success & happiness for you always   -- Sinchan, Udit & Little Aabir

Incredible Care During The Pregnancy

Dear Dr. Anu Sridhar,   I want to send a note of thanks for the incredible care you gave during the pregnancy. I had a very good experience in the C-section procedures and surgery. I was very impressed with the professional service you gave to me during the end of my pregnancy and c-section surgery.   Thank you again for everything.   Yours lovingly,   Janani K

Pleasant Stay of 4 days at FortisNest

It was pleasant stay of 4 days at Fortis filled with immense care, which helped us in bringing the little princess to this world. Thank you so much Dr. Mangala Ramachandra.   Regards,   ~ Prerana Prakash

We were very fortunate to have medical facilities

"We were very fortunate to have medical facilities of such high calibre with well-trained, skilled, loving and prompt approach towards patients. We would like to thank Dr. Anu Sridhar for being extremely patient, friendly and very supportive towards us. She is a very good doctor and a good human too. We would also thank all the nursing staff, housekeeping staff & everyone who made this a wonderful and memorable experience."   Regards,   Dr. Amrutha PN

An advanced hospital with the best doctors - That's Fortis

My name is Sreejith and I work in the communications technology industry. As my wife was pregnant and she required pregnancy related treatment, I chose Fortis Hospital after all my research and study. And I am glad I choose this hospital as my wife got excellent treatment at Fortis. Her Doctor, Parimaladevi, was keen to listen to our problems, gave clear explanations and advice & treatment. The nurses at Fortis were extremely helpful, especially Hima who made sure everything was OK till the checkout process.   I am really satisfied with the staff at Fortis as they made us feel very comfortable during the hospital visit. All our requests for assistance were answered perfectly and our room and the surroundings were kept clean and hygienic.   If at all there was any issue, it was with the parking facility which isn't top class. I hope that will be resolved soon as I saw ongoing work.   Yes, my wife got great and perfect treatment and the whole process was done at minimal cost. I am happy to recommend this hospital to all my friends and family because we received very good care and service.   Thank you Fortis for making our experience memorable and wonderful. A big thanks to Dr. Parimala, Dr. Aruna and Hima. Fortis - A great advanced hospital in the world.   Dr. Parimala Devi - A magician in gynecology.   Regards,   Sreejith

Making the most important phase of my life, the most memorable one.

Hello Doctor, Going through childbirth is a mix of immense pain, followed by immense happiness. In this journey, the presence of a wonderful doctor like Dr. Parimala devi ji was simply priceless. We thank the doctor, for comforting us and taking away all our stress. We were in Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, from 26th of October 2015 to 31th Ocotober 2015. We were blessed with a boy baby at 2.40 pm on 27thOctober 2015. As this is our second baby, we had more reasons to celebrate. Nine months of my pregnancy could have been a nightmare without the medical supervision of Dr. Parimala Deviji. Thanks for making my journey to become a mommy nothing less than a dream come true. I would like to highlight one more thing about Dr. Parimal Deviji. She is not only a extraordinary doctor, but also an extraordinary human being. Thanks for showing so much care and concern. We have disturbed the doctor even at odd hours, but without any irritation Doctor supported, motivated us like a Mother. She is a well wisher and angel in disguise, indeed. I hate going to hospitals, but, during our stay at Fortis, friendly Doctors and especially some Nurses have made sure that our hospitalization was very pleasant. Thanks. This is nothing but a small recongnition we would like to give to the Doctor and Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road. Thank you Dr. Parimal Deviji and Fortis.

The delivery process too was smooth and quick

We had a wonderful experience at The Nest in Bangalore, with our son's birth on 6th February, 2015. We had taken the TLC package and were very happy with all the components it had to offer. We were particularly happy with the way Dr. Anita K Mohan (our gynaecologist) handled the whole journey towards parenthood with her assuring smile and expert medical advice. She was very efficient and supportive from the time I started consulting her, until the follow ups after delivery. She helped me in carrying out the full-term pregnancy with proper medication, and agreed on waiting till full 40 weeks before deciding to induce labor. The delivery process too was smooth and quick. She recommended taking epidural which helped in relieve pain and quicken dilation. Even though there was some foetal distress, she insisted on normal delivery with some assistance from a vacuum pump. With just a small episiotomy (that healed pretty fast), we were blessed with a healthy baby who is our life now :-). Dr. Anita was patient with questions from our family members too during the delivery, and was keeping them informed about every step she is taking. She assured them that baby and I are in safe hands. We are very happy we chose her as our gynaecologist and we will recommend her and The Nest to everyone who wants a hassle-free, happy pregnancy and delivery. The TLC team was very professional in handling queries and supported us throughout our journey to parenthood.

Mr. Chetan Mahindra and Mrs. Anu Mahindra

Rooms are very big and comfortable to stay. Food was really good and every possible effort was made to provide excellent service . LDRP suite is the best option with no requirement to move the patient. The nursing team is well trained and caring. Prompt response and they provide good guidance for any query. Our first kid is also fortis baby and we had to repeat the experience for our second one irrespective of the cost. Please continue with the excellent work. First time we met Dr.Mangala was in 2010 for first kid and one major reason of coming back to fortis for our second kid is her experience and skills and the positive attitude. She has excellent know how of every issues that we discussed with her in the entire journey of 9 months for both our kids. We are thankful to her for giving us a wonderful family with 2 kids. The entire TLC experience is so good that i will surely recommend to anyone.

"High-risk pregnant mother-to-be delivers baby without hassle"

"I knew I was a high-risk pregnancy case because of my history of fibroids, my advancing age and my diabetes. I was also nervous before the delivery because I knew there was a risk of complications like bleeding and the baby not reaching full term. But Dr Anu's words and her ability to deal with these issues both professionally and compassionately put me at ease." For an expectant mother looking forward eagerly to the arrival of her bundle of joy, the whole experience of nurturing new life is overwhelming and deeply satisfying. But if it is a high risk pregnancy with the fear of complications, with the excitement and anticipation comes the constant worry for the health of the foetus. For Whitney Howarth from the United States, this worry was amplified because of three reasons, she was an older mother-to-be, increasing her risk of a difficult pregnancy; she had earlier undergone a myomectomy procedure for removal of uterine fibroids and she was also a diabetic. "I have had a history of fibroids and I am also a diabetic, which made mine a high-risk pregnancy. I was not taking any medication for the fibroids but I was on basic medication for the blood sugar. Therefore, I wanted to be under the care of someone who had the experience to address these issues. That is when I saw Dr Anu's video and was confident that she had the ability to deal with these complex issues both professionally and compassionately", says Whitney. As she wanted her baby to be delivered through safe hands, Whitney decided to come to Fortis Hospitals in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore and consulted Dr Anu Sridhar. And once she came there most of her fears were put to ease. "She came to us at around 26-28 weeks of pregnancy and there were a few issues with the pregnancy that needed immediate attention. First of all, she was over 37 years of age and in such patients, conception and pregnancy is always risky. She also had diabetes with badly controlled blood sugar levels and was taking insulin for it. Moreover, she had already been treated for multiple fibroids through a myomectomy procedure. If a expectant mother has had this procedure earlier, then there is a chance of rupture of the uterus during pregnancy. Therefore we normally recommend a Caeserian section for such patients", said Dr Anu Sridhar, Consultant Gyneacologist at Fortis Hospitals. Myomectomy is a surgical procedure to remove uterine fibroids - these are common non-cancerous growth that appear in the uterus mostly during childbearing years and cause symptoms such as heavy menstrual bleeding and pelvic pressure. Once this procedure is done, the chances of a woman getting pregnant is known to increase. Dr Anu explained that the goal was to bring all the parameters to normal before the delivery. "We had kept Whitney under constant observation and along with the endocrinology team at the hospital, we brought her sugar levels under control. She was being monitored regularly and we decided on a planned Caeserian section to avoid any further complications. It is important that such cases be handled in multidisciplinary hospitals where there is a good back up and coordination with other departments in case of emergencies and a well-equipped neonatal Intensive Care Unit", she adds. The baby was delivered as scheduled and was healthy weighing about 2.9 kgs. "I was nervous before the baby was born because we were not sure whether we would have access to the doctor and if she would answer all our queries. The doctor was very patient and was always accessible and we were made to feel by all the staff that we really mattered. I am so happy that the delivery could not have been more smoother and the baby stayed with me all the time", says an elated Whitney.

"A mother's dream comes true despite many hurdles"

"For me every pregnancy was like a long wait filled with turmoil. Every time I conceived I would always be in fear as to what would happen next. Even during my first successful pregnancy, I was in a lot of dilemma and uncertainty till the baby was born. But for the seventh pregnancy, the doctor's assurances gave me a lot of courage and despite the health complications, I knew the outcome would be good", Nalini (name changed) When a young woman, eager to have children and to complete her family life discovers that she is going to be a mother soon, it is a period of immense joy and anticipation. Nalini too was elated when she became pregnant for the first time and like all expectant mothers began preparing for the arrival of the little one. Little did she know then that her journey from pregnancy to becoming a mother would be such an arduous one. In a span of five years, the young teacher with a fondness for children had gone through four abortions and two Caesarian section deliveries. During her second pregnancy which was successful, she had a lot of complications including high blood pressure, fluid retention etc and the baby was born pre-term through Caeserian delivery. Unfortunately, her baby born through the second Caesarian did not live beyond 15 days. The experience was one of extreme trauma for Soumya, who was eager to have more children. "Whenever I got pregnant, it was a testing time. Every time, at about one and a half to two months, I would lose the pregnancy. After a point, I would not be sure if my pregnancy would last the whole term and all through that time I would be stressed because of the uncertainty. But despite having one child after much difficulty and losing so many pregnancies, I was very keen on having another one," narrates Nalini. When she was carrying her first living child, Nalini was diagnosed with Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APLS) in the fifth month. APLS is an autoimmune disorder and one of the major causes for recurrent miscarriages. In this condition, certain antibodies pose a threat to the developing pregnancy tissues. Antibodies such as anticardiolipin can cause blood clots that block blood supply to the placenta. When blood supply is blocked, it can result in a condition called Thrombophilia, an abnormality of blood coagulation that increases the risk of blood clots in the vessels. Clots can form in both arteries and veins causing pregnancy-related complications such as miscarriage, stillbirth, preterm delivery, or severe preeclampsia. So for her seventh pregnancy, Nalini decided to consult Dr Anu Sridhar at Fortis Hospitals. "When she came to us, she already had a history of repeated miscarriages, hypertension, preterm delivery and lot of pregnancy related complications. We conducted a series of tests on her and monitored the patient closely. Since she had been diagnosed with APLS, we started her on anti-coagulant injection Heparin to prevent thrombosis", Dr Anu Sridhar, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Fortis said. According to her, when the woman suffers recurrent abortions more than once, it is a norm to test for APLS, so that treatment can begin. it is advisable to start on the medication as early as possible, typically as soon as the baby's heartbeat can be heard, at around six weeks. Nalini was administered low-molecular-weight heparin (LMWH), which is less likely to produce side-effects like bleeding compared to the regular heparin. "Despite all the care and precautions Nalini had high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and severe preeclampsia (a condition characterised by high level of protein in the urine and high BP in pregnant woman in the latter half of pregnancy. It also causes swelling in the feet, legs, and hands) in the seventh month. She was on regular medications and we kept a close watch on her, regulating her BP and managing all the complications. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl and even though there was no neonatal morbidity we kept the baby in NICU as precaution", Dr Sridhar added. Since APLS can cause blood clotting in the mother even after giving birth, Nalini was under observation and was administered injections for the condition for six weeks post delivery. "For my second child, the stress during pregnancy was much less. I was relieved when the baby was born and really glad that she did not have any health problems since my condition was managed so well", says the mother-of-two.

"A beautiful gift after seven years of wait"

"We were both so happy when I finally conceived. But the news of my cervical incompetence came as a shock; in fact we had lost all hope. But with the doctor's assurance and the emergency steps taken to ensure a smooth pregnancy, we got the most precious gift of our life, our baby girl.", Shama Holding the tiny bundle in her arms, new mother Shama knows that she has now received more than she had ever wished for. Despite the tough period during the pregnancy, the proud parents forgot all the difficulties once they laid their eyes on their little daughter. After all, it was nothing short of a miracle that Shama was able to go through a normal delivery and give birth without complications. Now their family is complete and their joy has multiplied. But not very long ago, 33-year-old Shama and her husband had been surrounded by a pall of gloom. For seven long years after marriage, the couple had been trying for a child but was unsuccessful. "We were very keen on having a child but the doctor told us that because of unknown infertility, I was not able to conceive. I was advised to undergo infertility treatment," says Shama. Fortunately, after a few weeks of undergoing hysteroscopy (a surgical procedure wherein an instrument with a telescope at one end is entered into the womb of the patient to look for possible causes for the infertility), Shama conceived on her own. The couple was overjoyed since their wait had finally ended. But their happiness seemed short lived. "Everything was going fine till the fifth month of pregnancy, when it was detected through a scan that Shama had a short cervix. Normally, the length of the cervix should not be less than 2.5 cms for a successful pregnancy but in this patient�s case, the cervix was only about 2 cms. This condition is called cervical incompetence, wherein the cervix becomes slightly open and there is a risk of miscarriage� said Dr. Chaya Patil, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Fortis Hospitals, who was taking care of Shama. Sometimes during pregnancy, as the size of the foetus increases, it puts pressure forcing the cervix to open even before it is time for the baby to come out. This poses a danger of premature birth or miscarriage. The expectant mother had lost all hope but was given courage by her doctor. "We monitored her closely and did repeated scans to check for any changes. I wanted her to have a smooth and natural pregnancy. After two weeks, the report was worrisome there was further shortening of the cervix. That's when I decided to do an emergency cerclage or cervical stitch (a procedure in which the cervix is reinforced with the stich). The patient was advised bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy and was kept under constant observation," Dr Patil adds. In the 37th week of pregnancy, the stitch was cut open and after some time, Shama went into normal labour, delivering a beautiful girl baby weighing 3 kgs. "It was the doctor assurance that everything would be alright that gave us confidence. We are thankful to get this most precious gift", says the beeming mother. According to Dr Patil, cervical incompetence is mostly asymptomatic and can be detected by ultrasound examination. But in some cases there may be excessive vaginal discharge or spotting or pain or pressure in the lower abdomen. This could be an indication that the membranes are bulging into the birth tract and that the cervix is shortened. While cervical incompetence is quite not uncommon, according to the ACOG, almost 25 per cent of miscarriages that happen during the second trimester are due to incompetent cervix.

"Delivered with flying colours despite complication"

"It was a precious pregnancy for us because I had conceived after a long time and following many difficulties. When we were told that there was a risk of the baby�s shoulder getting stuck during delivery, we were shattered. But the doctors handled it so well and I am thankful to them for making me a mother of a healthy baby girl. Now, I am on top of the world.", Chandini Obesity is one of the common risk factors for infertility and expectant mothers who are overweight are more likely to encounter complications during pregnancy. Married for four years, Chandini and her dedicated husband Khan were elated when Chandini conceived after trying for a baby for a long time and not before some difficulties. But Chandini had never imagined, even in her dreams that her being overweight would pose a danger to her child during the delivery process. Recounting her experience, the young and well-educated mother says, "We wanted to have a baby desperately but were not successful for sometime despite being married for four years. According to doctors, my weight was one of the reasons. After consulting many doctors and going through a lot of problems, I finally conceived and our joy knew no bounds. We consulted Dr Gayatri Kamath of Fortis Hospitals for the pregnancy and everything was going on pretty well." The pregnancy was mostly uneventful and there were no problems. The foetus was doing well and the parents-to-be were waiting eagerly for the birth of their little one. But towards the end of the pregnancy, unexpected news struck them like thunderbolt. "At 38 weeks, a routine ultrasound scan for the baby's biophysical profile was done and it was found that the abdominal circumference was big. We were told that because of this and since my weight was on the higher side, it could cause a problem called shoulder dystocia, with a risk of the baby's arm being turned back during delivery. I didn�t know what to think and was very upset. Both of us were shattered," says Chandini. Shoulder dystocia is a condition wherein, once the mother has gone into labour, the baby's head is delivered through the vagina, but the shoulders get stuck inside the mother's body and do not come out. This poses a risk for both the mother and the baby because of slow and difficult delivery process. "The mother�s weight was already on the higher side and through the pregnancy she had gained weight. It is important that women should maintain the ideal weight before they decide to have a child and it is also important for them to gain adequate weight all through the pregnancy. When we did the scan in the 38th week for Chandini, it showed that the baby's abdominal circumference was big and there were chances that shoulder dystocia could occur. We informed the parents and counseled them regarding the pros and cons of normal and caesarian section delivery. They opted for normal birth,� Dr Gayatri Kamath, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at the hospital says. Typically shoulder dystocia occurs if the baby is large and if the woman is overweight. But whatever the risk factors, there is no way doctors can accurately predict its occurence and therefore it cannot be prevented. In fact, most often the problem is discovered when the mother goes into labour. "For smooth labour, we tune the patients by asking them to go for Lamaze classes where they are given beneficial exercises and tips and tricks for a better pregnancy. In Chandini's case, it really helped that she had attended Lamaze classes and she had also opted for epidural for pain relief during labour. Moreover she had a very supportive husband who was with her all through the labour and delivery process, adds Dr Gayatri. As was feared, the shoulder of the baby got stuck after the head was delivered. "We were prepared for the complication. There are a few tricks and maneuvers that we use in cases of shoulder dystocia and we had to use them all. Suprapubic pressure (a maneuver used to manually dislodge the anterior shoulder and is performed by making a fist, placing it just above the maternal pubic bone and pushing the fetal shoulder in one direction or the other.) to facilitate normal delivery and we were successful in getting the baby out. The baby was well and did not suffer any kind of palsy or nerve injury", Dr Anita Mohan, consultant gynaecologist at Fortis said. For the parents, it was a huge relief to see their beautiful healthy girl. "I thank god that my girl is doing well", concludes Khan, the proud father.

"Marred by a high-risk pregnancy, her life was saved by emergency procedure"

"After three years, the news of the long-awaited pregnancy was exciting for us and the whole family. But it gave way to tension, when we came to know about the complication. I had never thought something like this would happen to me. The expertise of the doctors in handling the problem ensured that everything was fine." Baby Anvesh has brought great joy to his parents and family members especially as his delivery was eagerly awaited by everyone. Despite pregnancy related complications, the bonny baby was delivered healthy and his mother's life saved through specialised care and treatment. For Laxmipriya, the thought of becoming a mother after three years of marriage brought a great sense of fulfillment. So it was totally unexpected when at three months she was informed about a condition which could pose a risk to her and her pregnancy. Doctors monitoring her health found out that her placenta was attached to the lower half of the uterus and this meant that there could be danger for both mother and the baby if it fails to migrate by the time of delivery. "We were told about the complication in the third month of pregnancy itself. The doctor explained the problem to us in detail but since I am not familiar with the medical terms, I tried to get some information on the net and from what I gathered only one per cent of pregnant face this complication. I was hoping that everything would go okay; you hear about these things but we never imagined that this would happen to me," recollects Laxmipriya. But unfortunately for her, she was among that small percentage that is diagnosed with this problem. Dr. Rathna Srinivasan, Consultant, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Nest at Fortis Hospitals said that when an ultrasound scan was done in the 38th week, it was found that the placenta had not migrated and therefore the baby could not be delivered by normal labour. The major complication of this is post-partum haemorrhage, which means that the mother has excessive bleeding. So it was decided to take the patient up for elective caesarian section to deliver the baby safely. "The baby was delivered through caesarian section, he was well and weighed around 2.8 kgs. But the major problem started only after that. Laxmipriya's uterus did not contract started having excessive bleeding and despite all precautions she lost about one and a half litres of blood," Dr. Rathna added. But since the problem was known in advance, the Nest team had already made arrangements to counter the problem and save the patient's life in case of an emergency. Laxmipriya was immediately shifted to the cath lab and Dr. Venkatesh, interventional cardiologist was already in. A procedure called Uterine Artery Embolization was done to stop the flow of blood in the uterine arteries temporarily and the patient's life was saved. Uterine artery embolization is a minimally invasive technique wherein a catheter is inserted into the artery and of medication is inserted inside in small quantities that will block the blood flow to the uterus temporarily. This procedure is often employed for the treatment of fibroids, as the embolic agents cut off the blood supply to the fibroids, causing them to shrink and perish. "In such cases of post partum haemorrhage, only few centres are equipped to carry out such a specialized technique. If embolisation cannot be done to stop the bleeding, the only option is to conduct an emergency hysterectomy. Thankfully, in Laxmipriya's case, the procedure went off well and she and the baby are doing well", Dr. Rathna added. Having an informed patient and attendants and in anticipation keeping things ready before hand with the team back up reduces a lot of mortridity and mortality. Regards, Laxmipriya

"My overall experience is excellent, I would recommend this to other expecting mothers also."

Pregnancy and motherhood are two special experiences for every woman. The most important factor to make that experience smooth and flawless, is the right type of medical assistance.This needs to be both pocket-friendly and equipped with good doctors, with right kind of information sharing procedure. I never hesitate to say that The Nest, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, provided both. The doctors there not only spared me and my family from a mishap, but they also get the entire credit of turning the entire journey of my pregnancy and delivery into a comfortable and joyous one. One of my clients referred this hospital to me when I was searching for one after confirmation of my pregnancy. The doctors' details are available on website, so I zeroed in on Dr. Anita Mohan. I can say that was a million dollar decision. From day one I am taking her advise and she never disappointed me. My entire medical history was taken, all the necessary tests were done and yes, all the possibilities and potential problems were discussed well in advance. The lab reports are given very fast, nobody has to wait in a long queue because a very active front desk is always at your service. This is another good thing in Fortis,I never found a single raised eyebrow or any unprofessional behavior from anybody. In one sentence, people are happy to help. Some health complications were there, from the beginning I was well aware of the risk factors. When the due date was close, my health condition was deteriorating fast. The doctor promised me that she will try for a normal delivery, however that was not possible at the end. The way they delivered the message and discussed all the pros and cons, I was not only convinced but also appreciated the professionalism. The nurses at Triage and delivery suites are also very efficient and helping in nature. Well, I should also mention the efficiency of Ms. Payal and Ms. Himabindu (The Nest coordinators) who answered all our questions and always took care of me and my baby during our stay. The delivery team was just superb! My doctor took care of all my requirements, the anesthetist also did his work very efficiently. I was scared of the pain, but due to epidural I couldn't feel a single thing! I couldn't believe when I realized that the entire delivery took only 20 minutes and my baby was in my arms before I could feel that the process even started. Recovery period was well-assisted and I was transferred to the cabin within a few hours (even my appendix surgery took longer than that!). My baby had some complications, so she was in NICU for the night. But the next morning she was returned to us in less than 24 hours. The horror stories we heard before, about many hospitals where the babies are kept in NICU just for extracting money from parents, without the real necessity. But here the scene was exactly the opposite. The lactation expert, Dr. Joyce arrived before the baby came and she explained in detail about breastfeeding. Dr. Anita and Dr. Aruna (Pediatrician) visited regularly, minimum twice in a day. Where do we find the specialists taking regular updates, even at the middle of night when I was in pain? I was almost in tears when they held my baby who was not feeding properly and soothed her till she stopped crying. Exceptional! I also would like to mention the nurses in charge of post delivery rooms, we just made their life miserable but they never complained (Sorry sisters!). With the new baby we had a thousand queries, we had to call them for assistance very frequently. Sister Princy, Sister Candy and sister Joycee are really helpful. Especially,Sister Joycee is like an angel, she shared invaluable information with us which helped us immensely. The dietitian took excellent care of my food during my stay, she is a wonderful human being. Only veg items are served here. The attendant staying with the patient can have food at the cafeteria on 5th floor. I got good support from the physiotherapist for exercise and walking. The food and beverage team is also very prompt and professional. The housekeeping team kept the entire hospital exclusively clean but that particular disinfectant smell present in every other hospital was not here. Overall, the experience is very satisfying. The billing and insurance counter is super-fast, all the claims were settled so soon and we got no problem in claiming a cashless hospitalization. The in-detail bill was accurate, and we had to pay very less from our pocket in such a complicated case like mine. There are very few numbers of complains from our side. The main concern of ours is, the procedure done before surgeries and delivery should be done by experienced nurses. The other one is, in twin sharing rooms, it is better if less number of visitors are allowed during visiting hours and talking loudly is discouraged. We suffered because of this and had a difficult time. The last one is about the steep parking, but I believe nothing could be done about that! My overall experience is excellent, I would recommend this to other expecting mothers also. It is better to choose a hospital near home, especially for delivery. The Nest is a boon for people in the surrounding area, I will continue to consult the doctors there for me and my baby. I recovered so soon and my baby is doing fine, thanks to the doctors and the support team.

"She boosted our confidence to have a normal delivery."

It was a wonderful experience having my first baby at Fortis. 19th Jan, 2015 being the date of delivery is the most memorable day for me. Initially, I was worried as I had a preconceived thought about corporate hospitals that they always prefer caesarian delivery. But I got to know that I was wrong after my delivery. Dr. Anitha K Mohan was with me throughout my pregnancy and instilled confidence in me during delivery. She boosted our confidence to have a normal delivery. We owe it to Dr. Anitha ma'am. The team at Fortis took great care of me and my baby during my stay. Thanks to everyone who cared for me! I am very pleased with the maternity care and would suggest Fortis to my friends too. Regards, Mythraeyi Mother of a newborn

Dr. Anitha K Mohan is a true people's person!

Hi Team Fortis, I would like to take this time to thank TEAM FORTIS for giving us a wonderful doctor, Dr. Anitha K Mohan. We have been consulting her for a while and there isn't a single day we have seen her without a smile. She is one of a kind. She is more than a doctor even though in our stressful lives we are more often than not impatient. She has been our moral support and has given the confidence to me and my husband. Though we had some bitter experiences before with other doctors, now my views have changed towards Fortis. A million thanks to the one who has appointed her. We need more and more doctors like Dr. Anitha K Mohan! Regards, Akshatha Preetham

"We are happy with the way you handled it and the support you gave us."

Dear Dr. Anu Sridhar, We are short of words to express our gratitude. Still, thanks a lot for everything. After many years of marriage we had the news of our life with our blood tests and scan confirming the twin pregnancy. Things went smooth till 28 weeks. You were always not just supportive, but directed us in the right direction. There was a time when we were insisting on cerclage due to short cervix, but you took the right decision of not doing cerclage and conveyed to us the risks associated with it for twin pregnancies. Though things looked smooth till 28 weeks, gradually complications started from 29th week and you took the right decision in doing a close monitoring of all the parameters and getting me admitted in the hospital for doing so. You tried your best to push pregnancy as long as it was possible. With all this, I crossed 33 weeks. Even the decision of delivery was made quickly by you with the complication that cropped up in the end with one of my twin, and helped us save our precious babies. Though my babies had to be in NICU for a few weeks before coming home, we are happy with the way you handled it and the support you gave us even during our NICU visits. We wish you the best, and keep up the good work you are doing. Best Wishes, Mamtha.

"We are very fortunate to have met Ms. Joyce, and our sincere thanks to her."

My wife Rashmi and I consulted Ms. Joyce to get some advice/ help with feeding related problems that my wife was facing. She had been suffering from a nipple sore for 3-4 days before we met Ms. Joyce. The meeting was extremely fruitful. Ms. Joyce addressed the problem very well, and almost instantly relieved the pain that Rashmi was going through during feeding. More importantly, she handled the situation with so much of care and expertise that Rashmi felt at home in the first five minutes of the meeting. Ms. Joyce also spent a considerable amount of time (about 30-45 minutes) with us, explaining other aspects of breastfeeding and nutrition related details. This was in contrast with today's business-minded approach in the area of healthcare. We are very fortunate to have met Ms. Joyce, and our sincere thanks to her. Warm Regards, Pavan

Geetika PandeyI would like to share my wonderful experience at Fortis Hospital

I would like to share my wonderful experience at Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta branch. I visited the hospital ten months back to have a healthy pregnancy. My husband and I were very skeptical walking into the hospital as I had already suffered two miscarriages. But, little did I know that this place would change my life forever. The moment we entered Dr. Anita K Mohan’s room, I felt like life had given me a ray of optimism and hope. When I narrated my previous experiences, she assured me that nothing would happen this time and even told us to feel free to ask her any queries unlike many other doctors who would be very impatient. Frankly speaking, she made my pregnancy journey an unforgettable experience that I would cherish for the rest of my life. It was only because of her constant support and encouragement that let me have a normal pregnancy. I would also like to thank Dr. Dharitri for the Lamaze classes that really helped me in maintaining my weight during the pregnancy tenure. I also want to convey my heartfelt gratitude to Hima Bindu and Jayashree for the unconditional support and care given to me and my family. On top of all this, the nurses brought me some delicious cake and flowers after my baby was born which was a lovely gesture. It was literally an icing on the cake! I also want to thank my scan doctor, the nurses and the support staff for all their love and support to me and my family. Regards, Geetika Pandey

TLC package

My daughter Nishitha consulted Dr. Mangala Ramachandra for her twin pregnancy. We took the TLC package as advised by Mrs. Hima Bindu. It was an amazing experience for my daughter. Dr. Ramachandra was very kind to us and was also very sensitive to my daughter’s needs. She took extra care for my daughter and even went out of her way to meet our requests and had a genuine concern for my daughter’s health. The nurses were also very cooperative with us and attended to my daughter just at the push of the button even at odd hours. All the nurses who attended to us were very nice and soft spoken and it would be really hard to single out any one of them. I would also like to show my gratitude to the radiologist, Dr. Rajani for her unconditional support and constant supervision. Overall, the TLC package turned out to be a very good experience with all the facilities needed and all our requests attended. Regards, Nishitha

We Wish to Thank

We wish to thank you for supporting us through this extraordinary journey of welcoming our daughter, guiding us gently through all the barriers and above all for the excellent care that you gave us. We would also like to thanks your remarkable team for the incredible care they provided during and post our stay at the hospital Regards, Pratyusha & Amit

I have ever seen such a supportive and an efficient staff

My name is Nity Shinde and I am 39 years old. On 5th July 2017 I gave birth to a baby girl. During the first eight months of my pregnancy I was not in India and considering my age I was worried about my baby and myself. When I met Dr. Anita K Mohan I felt relaxed as she kept telling me not to worry. “The day I got admitted, I felt very worried and tensed. But when the doctors took me inside the operation theatre, I knew that my experience was going to be great. Their level of confidence had given me a lot of hope and strength. The doctors and the sisters were very kind and supportive and they treated my family like their families. The level of respect and cooperation that they gave us really touched our hearts.It was very nice of them to allow my husband inside the operation theatre. This is the first time in my life I have ever seen such a supportive and an efficient staff. After my princess was born, all the doctors and her team congratulated me and my husband for the success. It was truly a wonderful moment for me. I really enjoyed my experience with Fortis and I thank all my doctors for a lifetime.” -- Nitu J Shinde

Thank You Nest Team

Thank you Nest team for your exceptional care and for taking time to explain to my family the situation surrounding my pregnancy and birth. the delivery of my healthy baby boy was because of you. Thanks a lot, Revati. T. N

Its immense pleasure to share my experience

Its immense pleasure to share my experience with Dr. Anita K Mohan.i was extremely overweight when my pragnancy got confirmed, and the very first thing she suggested me to keep in mind throught my pragnancy not to gain more than 8 kgs.. and she really helped me out doing the same.. i even didnt think of a normal delivery bcoz of being overweight.. and didnt get labor pain till end of 39 weeks.. then she suggested me to go for induce labor as baby was keeping on gaining weight.. then we planned my baby delivery on my birthday after getting induction and being in labour pain for many hours.the moment dr entered the labour room and checked that my cervix was 8 cm dialuted she made me delivered my baby with in half an hour.. it could be possible becoz of Dr. the way she encouraged me supported me during hard pushes.. with each and every push the way she encouraged 'yes u can do it, very good push, just one more' these lines really helped me out... now none of my relative is believing that how it could be a normal delivery first of all being overweighted second getting induction third that after being planned on my birthday. but it was.. my overall experience at fortis nest was really very good... especially with Dr. Anita K Mohan.. i feel proud that she is my gyne.. and will refer to all my female friends.. thank you so much Fortis Nest team.. Regards, Neeta Sharma

I never thought a Normal Delivery was possible

"We have visited friends at other hospitals after they have given birth. It wasn’t the same experience that we had at Fortis under Gayathri Madam. I had never imagined that I can have a normal delivery without epidural and based on how the pregnancy proceeded I had lost hope of a normal delivery. With Gayathri madam’s vast knowledge and experience, a normal delivery was possible. Even for my first pregnancy, the kind of complications I had, I never thought a Normal Delivery was possible. I will always be thankful to Dr. Gayathri for helping me with a normal delivery for both my kids."

I must wholeheartedly Thank you for all your support

Dear Nest, I must wholeheartedly Thank you for all your support and the comfort you have provided me and my daughter. I fall short of words to praise Dr. Gayathri Kamath, the greatest healing on earth. Not just the doctors, the nursing and admin staff are like angels.. They pampered me and my baby so much that I’m going to miss the comfort found here! I’m reassured again and again that Fortis Nest is the best decision I made as part of our greater decision of Parenthood! Thank you! Regards, - Suma

Doctors and Nursing staff for gifting us our baby Rishain

We would like to Thank you; doctors and nursing staff for gifting us our baby Rishain. You have been with us in our toughest hour and always kept us motivating and hopeful. Our delivery experience was very clam and you kept our anxiety at bay. The Nest experience was very soothing and professional. Once again thank you for delivering my baby and all the care leading up to the delivery. I have recovered well and appreciate all the advice and tips you gave me beforehand about how to deliver a baby. The Lama class recommended at Fortis was fantastic and helped me to feel less anxious about the process. I look forward to seeing you’ll again when I become pregnant again. Thank you Dr. Anita Mohan, your contribution in my life is nothing short of magical. Thanks for all your support- medical and emotional. --Archana & Mohit

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